Where We Excel

Pulp and paper mills are high-performance environments where machinery is continuously operating and where adequate sealing is a critical factor for equipment to function efficiently.  At Colonial Seal we offer a variety of sealing solutions for unique applications for all pulp and paper machinery including washers, conveyors, dryers, presses, fourdriniers, calendars and digesters.  We can provide tailored and one-off custom seals to suit your needs.  We provide standard seals and brands such as Garlock, John Crane, Timken, US Seals, Pac Seals, and Apex to name a few. We also provide made-to-order custom metal cased seals. Please contact us to assist you with your sealing needs.

Bearings are used to minimize friction and support rotating bodies while enduring radial and axial loads. They reduce friction, which results in better power transfer. Less friction equals less heat which equals less wear and leads to more service life.  Seal leakage and contamination of the bearing leads to premature failure. To prevent lubrication loss and prevent contamination, the right sealing solution must be applied.  Here at Colonial Seal, we offer customized sealing solutions based on your bearing application, regardless of industry.  For assistance in selecting the correct bearings sealing solutions, please contact one of our expert product experts here at Colonial Seal Company and we will gladly assist you.  We also provide bearing inserts and sleeves.

Gearboxes have moving components that transmit power through rotation and required premium sealing to prevent contaminants that can cause a breakdown in the health of the lubricant and also interact with the moving surfaces to cause wear, leading to component failure.  Colonial Seal Company offers shaft seals and wiper seals to assist in sealing gearboxes.  We help with your replacement seals for SKF seals, Chicago Rawhide seals, Garlock seals, Timken seals, National/Federal Mogul Oil seals.  Contact us and one of our application solutions experts will assist you.

Colonial Seal Company offers premium quality FDA compliant seals and other parts for your sealing needs in both the Food and Beverage Industry and the Pharmaceutical. Our sealing products are used in mixers, blenders, material transfer equipment, and many more.  Our FDA compliant  products for the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industry include; standard and non-standard sized O-rings, gaskets, standard seals and custom rubber molded seals. Our FDA compliant products are custom designed to your application. We supply specialty sealing solutions comprised of FDA CFR 21.177.2600 compliant materials which include:

Virgin PEEK



Stainless Steel


We offer sealing applications for heavy duty and high performing machinery defying extreme pressures, temperatures, and aggressive chemical agents used in the steel mill and metal processing industry.  Here at Colonial Seal Company we sell sealing products used in the rolling mills, slab casters, billets, conveyors, cooling towers and other parts.  With a variety of replacement seals ranging from brands such as Garlock and Timken we can assist in providing solutions to all your sealing needs to help in delivering consistent long-term performance.

We provide a variety of seals and gaskets applicable to power transmission parts such as gear boxes, actuators, linear motion devices, etc.  In order to increase reliability of machinery sealing solutions are applied.  In power transmissions this is done in openings between a rotating and a stationary component to assist in retaining lubricants, fluid separation, resist differences in pressure, and keep contaminants out.  Here at Colonial Seal we focus on providing the best solution for your sealing needs.

With numerous mechanical parts working simultaneously, automotive require efficient and reliable sealing applications to withstand extreme pressure and constant motion as well as work to create a barrier to prevent leakage and prohibit contaminants. Here at Colonial Seal we offer FDA compliant sealing solutions for all vehicle components for all markets.  We also provide sealing design and manufacturing for obsolete seals.

Off road industry vehicles are exposed to the toughest conditions and extreme temperatures. They demand heavy duty sealing for rigorous and high impact applications.  Here at Colonial Seal we offer Standard and custom sealing solutions to industrial distributors, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and maintenance and repair operations (MRO).