Design and Consulting For Standard and Custom Seals

Colonial Seal Co. has a team of expert engineers to help OEMs in the design or redesign of oil seals, hydraulic seals, mechanical seals or specialty seals, recommend the best sealing materials for your application and provide consultation on the cost benefits.

Solutions for some applications may be straightforward and relatively simple to determine, others must accommodate other factors such as:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Motion
  • Abrasion
  • Compression
  • Harsh chemical environments
  • Open flames
  • Permeability issues
  • Other environmental challenges

Call us to discuss the details of your specific application and offer appropriate static or dynamic seal recommendations, using the STAMP guideline method.

Get started on your next custom seals:

Application Data Sheet

Chemical Compatibility Chart

Common Conversion Formulas

Our seal design and consulting capabilities include:

  • Design
  • Material Selection
  • First Article Sampling
  • PPAP
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Cross Referencing capabilities
  • Drawings / Prints
  • Testing Services

Colonial Seal Company will supply a product recommendation based on information provided by the customer. It is important that you analyze all aspects of your application and thoroughly test products recommended by Colonial Seal Company prior to making your final product selection.

Design & Consulting For Standard & Custom Seals
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